Jumbo Bag

Bitumen with jumbo bag packaging (play bag, bitobag), a two-layer bag, with an outer layer of sacking and an inner layer of nylon and with a temperature tolerance of up to 120 degrees.

One of the packing methods, apart from cartons and metal barrels, is using the jumbo bag method

Packaging is used to export 60/70, 85/100, 60/90 and 50/70 bitumens.

This company is ready to produce and export all types of one ton jumbo bags, 500 kg and 300 kg.

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In this article, we are going to discuss different types of export bitumen packaging, but first read a brief description about bitumen.

Bitumen is one of the basic materials in the production of some products and in major parent industries such as

Manufacture of insulation
Road construction industries

Is used.




Types of bitumen packaging for exportThe barrel

Capacity of any transport device to transport bitumen in barrels
Number of barrels per floor: about 115 barrels without pallets and 90 barrels with pallets
Number of barrels per 20-foot container: 110 barrels without pallets and 80 barrels with pallets
Number of barrels per 40-foot container: 150 barrels without pallets and 137 barrels with pallets

Jumbo Bag

Large sack bags with good flexibility, the inner layer of which is made of nano nylon and have a high heat tolerance, which is 109 degrees Celsius as standard and melts at 160 degrees Celsius. Often used to move bitumen and bulk or powdered materials.

Advantages of using bitumen jumbo bags over metal barrels in various types of export bitumen packaging

Cleanliness of the workplace both in the country of origin and in the country of destination
Increase the speed and process of bitumen loading and transportation as well as the unloading stage
Reduce energy consumption for the bitumen loading and unloading stage (when using the barrel, the destination country was forced to use heat for unloading, but in the bitumen packaging method inside the jumbo bag, all the bitumen with the packaging is melted.
Reduction of costs and prices in export bitumen packaging (due to not using iron and its proper replacement with polypropylene)
Due to the lower temperature in the type of packaging, you will have a higher quality
At each stage, the cargo volume increases and the profitability and performance of the bitumen trade increases
Performance of bitumen jumbo bag

Bitumen jumbo bag is the best tool for transporting and moving bitumen. As the countries that import bitumen are more developed, these countries have cumbersome laws for exporters and the import of bitumen in barrels is prohibited for these countries. This is where the great importance of bitumen jumbo bags comes into play. Of course, some countries also use nylon with temperatures between 150 degrees Celsius and 180 degrees Celsius, which is difficult to use and has little use, and finding this bitumen jumbo bag is difficult to find and very expensive.

Trapezoidal or conical bitumen jumbo bag model has special dimensions of 110 length, 110 width and 1 meter height that can withstand a load of 1 ton. The shape of the bitumen trapeze jumbo bag is designed in such a way that in hot summer weather and due to sunlight, after the bitumen comes out of its initial state and relaxes, the bitumen jumbo bag does not lose its shape.


Prices of bitumen jumbo bags in various types of bitumen packaging for export




Price changes in bitumen jumbo bags vary depending on how we use them. With a simple calculation, you can conclude that the more volume and weight we use, the stronger and thicker the fabric used, so the higher the price. In general, the fabric is variable based on how it is used and the price is also variable, and one of the advantages of bitumen jumbo bags is that it can be used second hand, which has a more reasonable price.

In general, the price of bitumen jumbo bags varies based on the following and fluctuates:

Load bearing
Fabric type and fabric density
Based on dimensions

The price of bitumen bag jumbo bags in the market fluctuates like other commodities due to the fluctuation of the currency and dollar market, and the most important reason is the fluctuation of the price of its raw material, namely polypropylene.

Play bag

Another type of bitumen packaging for export is the play bag method, which you can use to transport bitumen. Due to the light weight of the polybag, it is easy to carry and the polybag is easy to maintain, and because it is made of polymeric materials, it is not necessary to separate the polybag from bitumen. Polybag is a material that can be completely compatible with bitumen and in the final application in molten bitumen is evenly distributed and even improve the properties of bitumen.

Technical specifications of play bags




This product, whose outer layer is made of sack and polypropylene, is classified according to the standards related to polybags and is flexible. The inner layer of the play bag is made of nano-nylon, which is resistant to high temperatures. The standard temperature of these nylons is usually 109 degrees Celsius, and these polybags remain unchanged if filled at this temperature. Playbags melt at 160 degrees.

Most countries approve this standard for various types of export bitumen packaging. But sometimes they also use nylons with temperatures of 150 degrees and 180 degrees. They are rarely used and their efficiency is very low and it is usually difficult to find such expensive bitumen play bags and they are expensive.

Appearance and how play bags stand
Cube or envelope model commonly used in the 250 kg sample.
1 ton cube model, which is usually designed at a more reasonable price and in the so-called market.
The third model is the belt model (which has an iron frame around each bitumen polybag)